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Cooking Class

Even if it is for cooking class or private dinner,  we always are picky about the ingredients. Cooking class’ menus are seasonal designed with the sole purpose of bringing all fresh, organic and flavory food on the tables.

Hanoi winter flavor

From 45 USD per pax
Traditional Hanoi snail spring roll

Snail, pork,lemongrass and lemon leaves

Stir-fried baby clam with crispy Vietnamese rice pancake

Clam with laksa leaves and onion served with crispy Vietnamese rice pancake

Thang noodle served in trational bow

Featured Hanoi speciality with mixture ingredients and colors as dry radish, paper fried egg, chicken, black mushroom, spring onion and laksa leaves

Vietnamese green tea and dry longane
Green tea or Vietnamese coffee

Hanoi winter    meal

From 39 USD per pax
Chicken cabbage salad with sweet sour sauce

Shredded chicken mixed with cabbage, onion, laksa leaves and sweet and sour sauce

Steamed cabbage and meat rolls

Cabbage roll with meat and spring onion cooked in bamboo steamer

Pork caramel with quail egg

Pork and Quail egg caramel served with radish greens pickle

Fragant steam rice

Pork and Quail egg caramel served with radish greens pickle

Pumkin soup with pork ribs
Vietnamese deep fried banane pancake


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