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Our Concept

Our goal is to bring to clients a flavory cuisine experience during their time in our spectacular country
Because cuisine is one cultural trait which would give you an substantial look into the depth of local life and philosophy. Journey without the taste of local food is an incomplete experience.
Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its diversity in cooking styles, ingredients, ways of serving and especially for its healthiness. As the heart of the country, Hanoi embodies all finest around Vietnam, where cuisine is entitled the most attractive and typical.

Our chefs

The best choice one can think for a traditional meal, we already chose: local mothers, aunties and sisters. They are the ones who wake up early every morning to be in the market picking the best ingredients for family, prepare meals from scratch, take care of other’s health and keep the house a home. Blessingly, they are also very sophisticated and skilled when it comes to hospitality. Do yourself a favor and relish a smile of happiness on the face of an old cooking mother at work.

Our Partners

Packing with years on the industry, we are confident and honor to be coordinate with the best goods and service in town in order to guarantee our clients absolutely memorable experience during their stay in Hanoi.  

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